SKT: Adventure Log

StormKingsThunder_header.jpg21st Mirtul, 1493 DR – Clear, Warm 🌘 Triboar

  • Bardownski, Del, and Saitama meet in Triboar
  • Discover Othovir (Harness Shop) has blood ties with House Margaster in Waterdeep – possibly molested by patriarch
  • Fire Giant attack – dig up large half-ring object from unoccupied caravan park

22nd Mirtul, 1493 DR – Overcast, Cool 🌘  Triboar

  • Group meets Henry; Saitama fades from existence
  • Discover Tolmara (Six Windows) killed her husband for being unfaithful
  • Del and Tolmara have intense makeout session
  • Turned her in to The Twelve

23rd-24th Mirtul, 1493 DR – Strong Winds 🌗 – Travel (Long Road)

  • Saitama phases back into timeline
  • Finding water is an issue

25th Mirtul, 1493 DR – Strong Winds 🌖 – Yartar

  • Saitama accidentally blew off Innkeeper’s head
  • Local elections: Nestra (Lord’s Alliance) vs Khaspere (Kraken Society)
  • Saitama goes to river barge party hosted by Kraken Society; has sex with Gracklephuk (rug seller from Mirabar) for 1000g
  • Groups sleeps at Horse and Four – meeting place for Hand of Yartar

26th-27th Mirtul, 1493 DR – Strong Winds, Drizzle 🌖 – Travel (Evermoor Way)

  • Finding water continues to be troublesome

28th Mirtul, 1493 DR – Heavy Rain 🌖 – Travel (Evermoor Way)

  • Bandits demand payment to pass – fight ensues
  • Mr. Squiggles materializes
  • Capture bandit captain, Jonesy – convinced to travel with the group
  • Skeletons, familiar, and Mr. Squiggles keep watch while group sleeps

29th Mirtul, 1493 DR – Cloudy, Drizzle 🌖 – Calling Horns

  • Stop in Calling Horns for provisions – more stories of giant attacks/raids

30th Mirtul, 1493 DR – Clear, Warm 🌖 Noanar’s Hold

  • Familiar overhears Hunt Lords reminiscing about good old days – hunting nobles for sport
  • Deliver harnesses to Amrath – Saitama sneaks into keep – fight ensues
  • Jonesy steals a horse and escapes
  • Amrath agrees to watch the keep for group, receives payment for upgrades

1st-9th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Cool Weather 🌒 – Noanar’s Hold

  • Amrath provisions workers to restore and furnish the keep
  • Saitama and Mr. Squiggles phase out of the space-time continuum

10th-11th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Overcast, Warm 🌒 – Travel (Evermoor Way)

  • Uneventful

12th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Clear, Warm 🌒 – Calling Horns

  • Tamalin Zoar offers letter of recommendation if group solves the troll raids issue
  • Group spends the night at the Calling Horns Inn

13th-14th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Overcast, Warm 🌒 – Evermoors

  • Group travels through the fog-shrouded Evermoor bog lands
  • Castle spotted amongst the clouds, disappeared behind overcast
  • Travel speed is halved due to the difficulty of the marshy terrain

15th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Overcast, Cool 🌒 – Evermoors

  • Group spots fire giant Zaastrid beating on a troll for failing to find food
  • Fight ensues, group defeats the fire giant and troll
  • Loot a black, two-pronged item similar to the object carried by the Giants during the attack on Triboar

16th-17th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Windy, Warm 🌘 – Calling Horns

  • Travel back to Calling Horns using Zaastrid’s breastplate as a sled to drag his severed head across the moors
  • Arrive at Calling Horns – Tamalin gives group a letter of recommendation

18th-19th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Heavy Rain, Warm 🌘 – Noannar’s Hold

  • Group restocks provisions
  • Amrath tells group he requires 300gp a month to maintain the keep

20th-21st Kythorn, 1493 DR – Strong Winds, Heavy Rain🌘 Olostin’s Hold

  • Write a letter to Amrath. Inform him to spread word that Noannar’s Hold is no longer haunted. Advertise/attract visitors to the village to help generate income. Also request him to send a letter to Narth to send payment.

22nd-23rd Kythorn, 1493 DR – Cloudy, Hot 🌗 – Everlund

  • Group visits the 3 major religious temples and library: Helm, Mielikki, Corellon
  • Talked to an asshole half orc, Dral (Dannivar’s House)
  • Del and Bardownski join the Harpers
  • Bardownski begins to practice playing the harp
  • No one likes the Lord’s Alliance – did not aid Sundabar during the Silver Marches war

24th-25th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Light Rain, Hot 🌖 – Silverymoon

  • Group learns about Giant society and history
  • Giant society is defined in large part by the ordning, a caste system imposed upon the giants by their gods, chief among them Annam the All-Father

26th-27th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Light Winds, Hot 🌖 – Zymorven Hall

  • Group meets with Harthos, learn that Harthal has stolen the family sword and fled to Yartar

28th-29th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Strong Winds, Very Hot 🌖 – Silverymoon

  • Group ambushed by Uthgardt Barbarians from the Sky Pony tribe

30th-1st Flamerule, 1493 DR – Heavy Wind, Light Rain 🌕 – Everlund

  • Rested up for a few days – Henry camped outside the walls
  • Received response from Amrath

2nd-4th Flamerule, 1493 DR – Clear, Hot 🌔 – Yartar

  • Arrived at Harpers’ Yartar safe house – Kolbaz is the groundskeeper
  • Orchestrated break-in into militia Armory, did not find Sword of Giant Slaying
  • Framed Harthal – executed the following day
  • Harpers retrieved and delivered the sword to safe house

5th-6th Flamerule, 1493 DR – Clear, Very Hot 🌔 – Evermoors

  • Fought trolls
  • Discovered Moog (Hill Giant) sitting alone in an Old Tower – she ran away from home after Chief Guh took over and stole her husband, Hruk
  • Group convinces her they’ll help reunite her with husband

7th-15th Flamerule, 1493 DR – Cloudy, Hot 🌒 – Travel (Iceshield Lands)

  • Group travels south towards Grudd Haug
  • Continually had to reconvince Moog why she was with them

16th Flamerule, 1493 DR – Overcast, Very Hot 🌑 – Grudd Haug

  • Group arrives at Grudd Haug
  • Saitama and Mr. Squiggles fade back into existence
  • Assaults Grudd Haug; repelled by Oinker-Boinker
  • Group set’s up camp in front of den

17th Flamerule, 1493 DR – Clear, Warm 🌘 – Grudd Haug

  • Group Kills Oinker-Boinker
  • Resuces prisoners; Farmers, Ghalvin (Goldenfields), Gryhark (Elk Barbarian)

18th Flamerule, 1493 DR – Light Wind, Warm 🌘 Grudd Haug

  • Gryhark falls in battle
  • Group defeats Chief Guh
  • Bardownski blows on conch and teleports to the Maelstrom, Hold of the Storm Giants
  • Bardownski agrees to help Queen Serissa find her kidnapped father – King Hekaton

19th-30th Flamerule, 1493 DR – Light Wind, Warm 🌖 – Noannar’s Hold

  • Roderik Hilltopple agrees to herd pigs to Noannar’s Hold
  • Del persuades Erica Redskins, Gloop, and Glop to work a smith at Noannar’s Hold
  • Group begins to implement business strategy at Noannar’s Hold, Saitama rebuilds Mr. Squiggles

🌞 Midsummer, 1493 DR – Clear, Hot 🌖 – Noannar’s Hold

🛡️ Shieldmeet, 1493 DR – Clear, Hot 🌖 – Noannar’s Hold

1st-8th Eleasis, 1493 DR – Overcast, Fog 🌒 – Travel (Jundarr’s Pass)

  • Group receives bounty letter for Jonesy – last seen at Beliard leading a gang called Nicky and the Buckboys
  • Group travels to Beliard
  • Group fights fire giant at dig site; discover hand of Vonidod

9th Eleasis,1493 DR – Cloudy, Hot 🌒 – Beliard

  • Group recovers 500gp reward from West Flintwood (Marshal) for revealing Grudd Haug’s location
  • Group goes to the Watchful Knight and speaks with Hellman Emericano (Innkeeper)
  • Bardownski sleuths around inn – does not find anything of interest
  • Del meets Jonesy affiliate, Nilbog, beats him in dragon chess (assisted by Bardownski) and receives his staff – Nilbog agrees to take group to hideout;
  • Henry is mistaken for a priest by an old man – three travellers inspect him curiously passing by

10th Eleasis, 1493 DR – Overcast, Hot 🌒 – Dessarin Hills

  • Del uses Rod of Vonidod – group finds Giant caravan moving Hand of Vonidod northwards to Ironslag on Duke Zalto’s orders
  • Henry walks off with his skeleton without saying a word

11th-16th Eleasis, 1493 DR – Cloudy, Hot 🌑 – Dessarin Hills

  • Group waits for Saitama in the Dessarin Hills

17th-18th Eleasis, 1493 DR – Rain, Warm 🌘 – Dessarin Hills

  • Group is ambushed by a manticore riding Jonesy and his gang of Aarakocra thugs
  • The group handily defeats the ambushers – Jonesy retreats beyond the clouds

19th-23rd Eleasis, 1493 DR – Clear, Hot 🌗 – Beliard

  • Saitama interrogates a Dwarven prisoner in the Marshall’s office – she attempts to persuade him using her cybernetic pleasure pussy
  • Saitama threatens the Marshall and is quickly imprisoned herself – a villager later asks Saitama for help curing a rash on his genitals, she obliges
  • Bardownski drinks his sorrows away until he blacks out
  • Several young women have been dissapearing in the Dessarin Valley

24th-4th Eleint, 1493 DR – Clear, Hot 🌔 – Noannar’s Hold

  • Group reconvenes at their headquarters
  • Henry develops a new technique to animate the dead – intricate spectral clockwork mechanisms

5th-8th Eleint, 1493 DR – Windy, Hot 🌒 – Everlund

  • Saitama investigates for information about the Book of Exalted Deeds
  • Del and Bardownski relay their giant knowledge to Krowen Valharrow

9th-19th Eleint, 1493 DR – Storms, Warm 🌘 – Iceshield Lands

  • Saitama destroys farmer’s house investigating for clues about missing girls
  • Henry helps mend whatever he can
  • Saitama frolicks in the farmer’s pumpkin fields as bait – is suddenly compelled to wander into the High Forest
  • Group follows her trails – eventually end up at Zordon’s Pleasure Grove
  • Sassy Prancer (Unicorn) tells group to bathe and eat before meeting “the master”
  • Group is led into deceitfully large log cabin and meets Zordon in a grand dining hall they pass out from drinking strong wine
  • Zordon revives them with a bow of healing
  • Saitama has sex with Zordon who finishes inside her
  • Henry leaves to reunite with his skeletons; he gets lost
  • Group retires in their respective chambers for the night

20th Eleint, 1493 DR – Rain, Cool🌘 – Zordon’s Pleasure Grove

  • Henry meets Frieda Willy – they kill a minotaur and escape the labyrinth
  • Group solves dragon puzzle to leave sleeping quarters
  • Group fights Unicorn in its grove – Sassy Prancer escapes with its Dryad friends
  • Satyr sacrifice gives birth to redcaps – fight ensues in dining hall
  • Group solves Silvanus Statue’s riddles and obtains key
  • They find Haleeya Haldrouns Tomb and spend a day trying to get out

21th Eleint, 1493 DR – Rain, Cool 🌘 – Zordon’s Pleasure Grove

  • Group solves floor puzzle
  • Unlock secret tunnel leading out of the lodge
  • Brief fight with Treants and Wood Woads
  • Zordon reappears – agrees to follow heroes back to Noannar’s Hold to run the brothel

22nd-30th Eleint, 1493 DR – Clear, Warm 🌖 – Noannar’s Hold

  • Group returns to Noannar’s Hold
  • Zordon begins to manage The Old Bonegrinder – Satyrs construct additional wings

Harvest Tide 🌾, 1493 DR – Clear, Warm 🌖 – Noannar’s Hold

1st-5th Marpenoth, 1493 DR – Light Rain, Warm 🌔 – Yartar

  • Group travels to Yartar via Everlund inner circle system
  • Henry walks there as Krowen Valharrow does not like Necromancers
  • Kolbaz Calishite agrees to find out more information about the Kraken Society
  • Group discovers the wooden chip is a gambling chip from Khaspere Drylund’s riverboat, The Grand Dame
  • Saitama, Freida, and Bardownski sneak aboard ship during the day to find out more information – Find a woman named King Pow giving orders to staff
  • Guards discover the scouting party and a fight ensues
  • Del rushes to the rescue but everyone else leaves – he is captured

6th Marpenoth, 1493 DR – Overcast, Warm 🌔 – Yartar

  • Del is tortured in a dungeon – has his ear cut off by King Pow
  • Group searches for him – discovers Yartar Militia and Kraken Society mercenaries are raiding various Hand of Yartar hideouts
  • Wanted posters are put out describing the characters

7th Marpenoth, 1493 DR – Clear, Cool 🌓 – Yartar

  • Del escapes the dungeon by luring a guard into the cell and stealing his equipment
  • Stumbles into an alchemy laboratory – several barrels of Alchemist’s fire are missing
  • Del escapes on to a wagon delivering barrels to the Grand Dame
  • Del does security for staff and guests of the Grand Dame – Everyone aboard the ship is acting suspiciously
  • Group steals sailboat and reconvenes with Del – As they search the ship, PowMing ignites the barrels of Alchemist’s fire
  • Group barely survives and clings to flotsam; had to fight off monsters in the water
  • Octopus clings on to Del’s leg, so he throws it into a tree
  • Henry and Del notices a familiar floating castle in the sky
  • Henry finds a Robe of Serpents and gives it to Del
  • Henry’s skeletal army marches over the hill and reconvenes with their master

8th-12th Marpenoth, 1493 DR – Overcast, Cool 🌒 – Noannar’s Hold

  • Group travels back to Noannar’s Hold
  • The cloud castle follows the heroes
  • Upon arrival, the town is bustling with visitors from all over Faerun
  • Amrath informs the heroes that Tamalin Zoar has built a toll house along the path to Noannar’s Hold from the Evermoor away. The highway tax has deterred provisioners from making their regular deliveries. Supplies run low in Noannar’s Hold and unrest is imminent.
  • The heroes request Amrath go east to further spread the word of Noannar’s Hold

13th-14th Marpenoth, 1493 DR – Clear, Warm 🌒 – Evermoor Way

  • The heroes make their way to the toll house where they meet the guards, Fat Bill and Blind Jim
  • Fat Bill informs Del that the city of Everlund authorised construction of the toll house
  • Saitama accidentally blows Fat Bill’s head off with her laser rifle
  • Henry sets fire to the watchtower upon which Blind Jim is standing. He jumps out of the tower to escape the fire but breaks his legs. Henry kills him with a dagger
  • Saitama receives a call from the Farmer whose house she ravaged, asking for more gold to repair the damage
  • The group sets off to Everlund

15th-19th Marpenoth, 1493 DR – Light Breeze, Warm 🌘 – Everlund

  • The gate guard denies the heroes entrance into the city on orders of the Council of Elders
  • Saitama receives another call from the farmer
  • While camped outside a cavalry unit of knights rushes out of the gates and past the heroes towards the west
  • Bardownski tried to visit the Council of Elders but is denied access
  • He then visits Tamalin’s contact, Dral and bribes him for info as to where the knights are going
  • The knights are headed towards Calling Horns as it is under attack by the castle in the sky

20th-25th Marpenoth, 1493 DR – Rain, Cool 🌖 – Noannar’s Hold

  • The Gay Companions double back towards the west
  • On the way they see Amrath helping several victims on the side of the road near Olostin’s Hold
  • Noannar’s Hold was attacked by the flying castle; much of it is devasted, many were killed.
  • Upon arriving, the heroes find their town in ruins. Large boulders cover the town, buildings are shattered, and bodies litter the streets.
  • The group finds the corpse of Red Rocket as well as Zordon’s shattered wheelchair
  • The equipment manager, Rusko is found to be mortally wounded. He asks the heroes why they weren’t there to protect the town. Henry locks him in and leaves him to die.

26th-29th Marpenoth, 1493 DR – Clear, Cool 🌖 – Noannar’s Hold

  • The heroes arrive at Calling Horns and find it in absolute ruin; much like Noannar’s Hold
  • Freida finds several hoof tracks continuing westward
  • The group sets off toward Yartar

30th-4th Uktar, 1493 – Cloudy, Cool 🌔 – Yartar

  • The heroes arrive to a large crowd gathered in the streets to witness a mass hanging
  • Several of the knights have been stripped of their armour and weapons and stand atop a very large gallows
  • Khaspere Drylund is giving a speech. He has declared himself Supreme Chancellor of Yartar. He claims the knights arrived in hostility. He declares Everlund an enemy of Yartar and also claims the Lord’s Alliance is a corrupt organisation and ceases Yartar’s union with them
  • Many of the cityfolk are brandishing tattoos of a kraken
  • Freida shoots the executioner before he can pull the lever to hang the knights. Khaspere is hurried away to a nearby building.
  • A large battle ensues between the Yartar guards and the Gay Companions
  • In the chaos of battle, Del accidentally stabs one of the prisoners
  • After routing the guards, the heroes storm the building where Khaspere is hiding
  • They quickly best his security and interrogate him
  • Khaspere reveals that Slarkethel orchestrated the kidnapping of King Hekatonand framed the Lord’s Alliance. He claims the Storm Giant King is being held prisoner on a boat called the Morkoth. The boat perpetually sails around a cluster of Isles known as the Purple Rocks in the northern part of the Trackless Sea. He also says the Blue Dragon, Iymrith, is allied with Slarkethel and has infiltrated the court of the Storm Giants in order to manipulate King Hekaton’s resentful daughters, Mirran and Nym, to usurp their peaceful older sister, Queen Serissa, and unify the giants to wage war against the Littlefolk.
  • While divulging this information, Khaspere’s head spontaneously explodes
  • Saitama phases out of the space-time continuum
  • The group decides it’s time to find a means of getting to the trackless sea but not before making a stop at the city of Waterdeep.
  • They hire a boat, the Mac Fleetwood, and it’s captain, Crookshanks, to ferry them down the Dessarin River to Waterdeep.

5th-6th Uktar, 1493 – Chilly, Windy 🌔 – Dessarin River

  • The Gay Companions become acquainted with Captain Crookshanks and his pet monkey, Mr Bojangles.
  • The Captain revealed he was once a respected sailor, but after falling in love with the infamous pirate, Cecilia de la Muertos, became disgraced. The two married and committed various pirating activities along the Sword Coast. One day, they robbed an unescorted treasure vessel making rounds between Chult and Baldur’s Gate. The ship was a decoy, and Cecilia betrayed Captain Crookshanks, killing his men, and robbing him of his ship and booty. Since that day, Captain Crookshanks had developed a drinking problem and is obsessed with Cecilia’s ship, the Black Hag.

7th Uktar, 1493 – Cool, Clear 🌓 – Waterdeep

  • The Gay Companions find themselves in Waterdeep and head off to the Yawning Portal Inn for some drinks.
  • They ask patrons for rumours and gossip.
  • Del gets into a scuffle with the security troupe protecting a group of clean-shaven and noble looking elves and humans. He is thrown down a deep pit but miraculously survives.
  • After recovering, the group battles the security forces and proceeds to question the group of young nobles. The leader is a son of the patriarch from House Solomon, an elite family who controls part of the city. He takes the Gay Companions to meet his father.
  • The father, Jovan Solomon, requests the group complete a quest of intrigue in exchange for an airship: They must acquire the signatures and seals of important family members from their rival, House Wallis, and deliver a writ conferring their voting rights upon House Solomon to the ‘magistrate’.
  • The group is escorted to a nearby establishment, The Slug & Lettuce, where they can rest their heads and think of a plan.

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