SKT: Adventure Log

StormKingsThunder_header.jpg21st Mirtul, 1493 DR – Clear, Warm 🌘 Triboar

  • Bardownski, Del, and Saitama meet in Triboar
  • Discover Othovir (Harness Shop) has blood ties with House Margaster in Waterdeep – possibly molested by patriarch
  • Fire Giant attack – dig up large half-ring object from unoccupied caravan park

22nd Mirtul, 1493 DR – Overcast, Cool 🌘  Triboar

  • Group meets Henry; Saitama fades from existence
  • Discover Tolmara (Six Windows) killed her husband for being unfaithful
  • Del and Tolmara have intense makeout session
  • Turned her in to The Twelve

23rd-24th Mirtul, 1493 DR – Strong Winds 🌗 – Travel (Long Road)

  • Saitama phases back into timeline
  • Finding water is an issue

25th Mirtul, 1493 DR – Strong Winds 🌖 – Yartar

  • Saitama accidentally blew off Innkeeper’s head
  • Local elections: Nestra (Lord’s Alliance) vs Khaspere (Kraken Society)
  • Saitama goes to river barge party hosted by Kraken Society; has sex with Gracklephuk (rug seller from Mirabar) for 1000g
  • Groups sleeps at Horse and Four – meeting place for Hand of Yartar

26th-27th Mirtul, 1493 DR – Strong Winds, Drizzle 🌖 – Travel (Evermoor Way)

  • Finding water continues to be troublesome

28th Mirtul, 1493 DR – Heavy Rain 🌖 – Travel (Evermoor Way)

  • Bandits demand payment to pass – fight ensues
  • Mr. Squiggles materializes
  • Capture bandit captain, Jonesy – convinced to travel with the group
  • Skeletons, familiar, and Mr. Squiggles keep watch while group sleeps

29th Mirtul, 1493 DR – Cloudy, Drizzle 🌖 – Calling Horns

  • Stop in Calling Horns for provisions – more stories of giant attacks/raids

30th Mirtul, 1493 DR – Clear, Warm 🌖 Noanar’s Hold

  • Familiar overhears Hunt Lords reminiscing about good old days – hunting nobles for sport
  • Deliver harnesses to Amrath – Saitama sneaks into keep – fight ensues
  • Jonesy steals a horse and escapes
  • Amrath agrees to watch the keep for group, receives payment for upgrades

1st-9th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Cool Weather 🌒 – Noanar’s Hold

  • Amrath provisions workers to restore and furnish the keep
  • Saitama and Mr. Squiggles phase out of the space-time continuum

10th-11th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Overcast, Warm 🌒 – Travel (Evermoor Way)

  • Uneventful

12th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Clear, Warm 🌒 – Calling Horns

  • Tamalin Zoar offers letter of recommendation if group solves the troll raids issue
  • Group spends the night at the Calling Horns Inn

13th-14th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Overcast, Warm 🌒 – Evermoors

  • Group travels through the fog-shrouded Evermoor bog lands
  • Castle spotted amongst the clouds, disappeared behind overcast
  • Travel speed is halved due to the difficulty of the marshy terrain

15th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Overcast, Cool 🌒 – Evermoors

  • Group spots fire giant Zaastrid beating on a troll for failing to find food
  • Fight ensues, group defeats the fire giant and troll
  • Loot a black, two-pronged item similar to the object carried by the Giants during the attack on Triboar

16th-17th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Windy, Warm 🌘 – Calling Horns

  • Travel back to Calling Horns using Zaastrid’s breastplate as a sled to drag his severed head across the moors
  • Arrive at Calling Horns – Tamalin gives group a letter of recommendation

18th-19th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Heavy Rain, Warm 🌘 – Noannar’s Hold

  • Group restocks provisions
  • Amrath tells group he requires 300gp a month to maintain the keep

20th-21st Kythorn, 1493 DR – Strong Winds, Heavy Rain🌘 Olostin’s Hold

  • Write a letter to Amrath. Inform him to spread word that Noannar’s Hold is no longer haunted. Advertise/attract visitors to the village to help generate income. Also request him to send a letter to Narth to send payment.

22nd-23rd Kythorn, 1493 DR – Cloudy, Hot 🌗 – Everlund

  • Group visits the 3 major religious temples and library: Helm, Mielikki, Corellon
  • Talked to an asshole half orc, Dral (Dannivar’s House)
  • Del and Bardownski join the Harpers
  • Bardownski begins to practice playing the harp
  • No one likes the Lord’s Alliance – did not aid Sundabar during the Silver Marches war

24th-25th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Light Rain, Hot 🌖 – Silverymoon

  • Group learns about Giant society and history
  • Giant society is defined in large part by the ordning, a caste system imposed upon the giants by their gods, chief among them Annam the All-Father

26th-27th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Light Winds, Hot 🌖 – Zymorven Hall

  • Group meets with Harthos, learn that Harthal has stolen the family sword and fled to Yartar

28th-29th Kythorn, 1493 DR – Strong Winds, Very Hot 🌖 – Silverymoon

  • Group ambushed by Uthgardt Barbarians from the Sky Pony tribe

30th-1st Flamerule, 1493 DR – Heavy Wind, Light Rain 🌕 – Everlund

  • Rested up for a few days – Henry camped outside the walls
  • Received response from Amrath

2nd-4th Flamerule, 1493 DR – Clear, Hot 🌔 – Yartar

  • Arrived at Harpers’ Yartar safe house – Kolbaz is the groundskeeper
  • Orchestrated break-in into militia Armory, did not find Sword of Giant Slaying
  • Framed Harthal – executed the following day
  • Harpers retrieved and delivered the sword to safe house

5th-6th Flamerule, 1493 DR – Clear, Very Hot 🌔 – Evermoors

  • Fought trolls
  • Discovered Moog (Hill Giant) sitting alone in an Old Tower – she ran away from home after Chief Guh took over and stole her husband, Hruk
  • Group convinces her they’ll help reunite her with husband

7th-15th Flamerule, 1493 DR – Cloudy, Hot 🌒 – Travel (Iceshield Lands)

  • Group travels south towards Grudd Haug
  • Continually had to reconvince Moog why she was with them

16th Flamerule, 1493 DR – Overcast, Very Hot 🌑 – Grudd Haug

  • Group arrives at Grudd Haug
  • Saitama and Mr. Squiggles fade back into existence
  • Assaults Grudd Haug; repelled by Oinker-Boinker
  • Group set’s up camp in front of den

17th Flamerule, 1493 DR – Clear, Warm 🌘 – Grudd Haug

  • Group Kills Oinker-Boinker
  • Resuces prisoners; Farmers, Ghalvin (Goldenfields), Gryhark (Elk Barbarian)

18th Flamerule, 1493 DR – Light Wind, Warm 🌘 Grudd Haug

  • Gryhark falls in battle
  • Group defeats Chief Guh
  • Bardownski blows on conch and teleports to the Maelstrom, Hold of the Storm Giants
  • Bardownski agrees to help Queen Serissa find her kidnapped father – King Hekaton

19th-30th Flamerule, 1493 DR – Light Wind, Warm 🌖 – Noannar’s Hold

  • Roderik Hilltopple agrees to herd pigs to Noannar’s Hold
  • Del persuades Erica Redskins, Gloop, and Glop to work a smith at Noannar’s Hold
  • Group begins to implement business strategy at Noannar’s Hold, Saitama rebuilds Mr. Squiggles

🌞 Midsummer, 1493 DR – Clear, Hot 🌖 – Noannar’s Hold

🛡️ Shieldmeet, 1493 DR – Clear, Hot 🌖 – Noannar’s Hold

1st-8th Eleasis, 1493 DR – Overcast, Fog 🌒 – Travel (Jundarr’s Pass)

  • Group receives bounty letter for Jonesy – last seen at Beliard leading a gang called Nicky and the Buckboys
  • Group travels to Beliard
  • Group fights fire giant at dig site; discover hand of Vonidod

9th Eleasis,1493 DR – Cloudy, Hot 🌒 – Beliard

  • Group recovers 500gp reward from West Flintwood (Marshal) for revealing Grudd Haug’s location
  • Group goes to the Watchful Knight and speaks with Hellman Emericano (Innkeeper)
  • Bardownski sleuths around inn – does not find anything of interest
  • Del meets Jonesy affiliate, Nilbog, beats him in dragon chess (assisted by Bardownski) and receives his staff – Nilbog agrees to take group to hideout;
  • Henry is mistaken for a priest by an old man – three travellers inspect him curiously passing by

10th Eleasis, 1493 DR – Overcast, Hot 🌒 – Dessarin Hills

  • Del uses Rod of Vonidod – group finds Giant caravan moving Hand of Vonidod northwards to Ironslag on Duke Zalto’s orders
  • Henry walks off with his skeleton without saying a word

11th-16th Eleasis, 1493 DR – Cloudy, Hot 🌑 – Dessarin Hills

  • Group waits for Saitama in the Dessarin Hills

17th-18th Eleasis, 1493 DR – Rain, Warm 🌘 – Dessarin Hills

  • Group is ambushed by a manticore riding Jonesy and his gang of Aarakocra thugs
  • The group handily defeats the ambushers – Jonesy retreats beyond the clouds

19th-23rd Eleasis, 1493 DR – Clear, Hot 🌗 – Beliard

  • Saitama interrogates a Dwarven prisoner in the Marshall’s office – she attempts to persuade him using her cybernetic pleasure pussy
  • Saitama threatens the Marshall and is quickly imprisoned herself – a villager later asks Saitama for help curing a rash on his genitals, she obliges
  • Bardownski drinks his sorrows away until he blacks out
  • Several young women have been dissapearing in the Dessarin Valley

24th-4th Eleint, 1493 DR – Clear, Hot 🌔 – Noannar’s Hold

  • Group reconvenes at their headquarters
  • Henry develops a new technique to animate the dead – intricate spectral clockwork mechanisms

5th-8th Eleint, 1493 DR – Windy, Hot 🌒 – Everlund

  • Saitama investigates for information about the Book of Exalted Deeds
  • Del and Bardownski relay their giant knowledge to Krowen Valharrow

9th-19th Eleint, 1493 DR – Storms, Warm 🌘 – Iceshield Lands

  • Saitama destroys farmer’s house investigating for clues about missing girls
  • Henry helps mend whatever he can
  • Saitama frolicks in the farmer’s pumpkin fields as bait – is suddenly compelled to wander into the High Forest
  • Group follows her trails – eventually end up at Zordon’s Pleasure Grove
  • Sassy Prancer (Unicorn) tells group to bathe and eat before meeting “the master”
  • Group is led into deceitfully large log cabin and meets Zordon in a grand dining hall they pass out from drinking strong wine
  • Zordon revives them with a bow of healing
  • Saitama has sex with Zordon who finishes inside her
  • Henry leaves to reunite with his skeletons; he gets lost
  • Group retires in their respective chambers for the night

20th Eleint, 1493 DR – Rain, Cool🌘 – Zordon’s Pleasure Grove

  • Henry meets Frieda Willy – they kill a minotaur and escape the labyrinth
  • Group solves dragon puzzle to leave sleeping quarters
  • Group fights Unicorn in its grove – Sassy Prancer escapes with its Dryad friends
  • Satyr sacrifice gives birth to redcaps – fight ensues in dining hall
  • Group solves Silvanus Statue’s riddles and obtains key
  • They find Haleeya Haldrouns Tomb and spend a day trying to get out

21th Eleint, 1493 DR – Rain, Cool 🌘 – Zordon’s Pleasure Grove

  • Group solves floor puzzle
  • Unlock secret tunnel leading out of the lodge
  • Brief fight with Treants and Wood Woads
  • Zordon reappears – agrees to follow heroes back to Noannar’s Hold to run the brothel

22nd-30th Eleint, 1493 DR – Clear, Warm 🌖 – Noannar’s Hold

  • Group returns to Noannar’s Hold
  • Zordon begins to manage The Old Bonegrinder – Satyrs construct additional wings

Harvest Tide 🌾, 1493 DR – Clear, Warm 🌖 – Noannar’s Hold

1st-5th Marpenoth, 1493 DR – Light Rain, Warm 🌔 – Yartar

  • Group travels to Yartar via Everlund inner circle system
  • Henry walks there as Krowen Valharrow does not like Necromancers
  • Kolbaz Calishite agrees to find out more information about the Kraken Society
  • Group discovers the wooden chip is a gambling chip from Khaspere Drylund’s riverboat, The Grand Dame
  • Saitama, Freida, and Bardownski sneak aboard ship during the day to find out more information – Find a woman named King Pow giving orders to staff
  • Guards discover the scouting party and a fight ensues
  • Del rushes to the rescue but everyone else leaves – he is captured

6th Marpenoth, 1493 DR – Overcast, Warm 🌔 – Yartar

  • Del is tortured in a dungeon – has his ear cut off by King Pow
  • Group searches for him – discovers Yartar Militia and Kraken Society mercenaries are raiding various Hand of Yartar hideouts
  • Wanted posters are put out describing the characters

7th Marpenoth, 1493 DR – Clear, Cool 🌓 – Yartar

  • Del escapes the dungeon by luring a guard into cell and stealing his equipment
  • Stumbles into an alchemy laboratory – several barrels of Alchemist’s fire is missing
  • Del escapes on to a wagon delivering barrels to the Grand Dame
  • Del does security for staff and guests of the Grand Dame – Everyone aboard the ship is acting suspiciously
  • Group steals sailboat and reconvenes with Del – As they search the ship, King Pow ignites the barrels of Alchemist’s fire
  • Group barely survives and clings to flotsam

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