The Usual Suspects

Kolbaz had gone off for a few hours while the group rested up in the ram shack safe house. When he returned, the grumpy dwarf told the group that Harthal had been arrested for attempted murder and was currently locked up in a near by precinct. The group had concluded, that if Harthal was in prison, then whatever weapons he was carrying on him must also be locked up in the same building. A break-in was in order.

Using the literally giant sized Rod of Vonidod, Del was able to track the location of the great sword of Giant Slaying to a local police precinct not a few blocks from their Harper safe house. The group set out to scout the perimeter. Del conspicuously sat at a nearby cafe and used his owl familiar to scan and patrol the perimeter from above. The compound was fenced off, with only one entrance through the main gate, which was guarded at any time by two guards. Nearby, he spotted two men sitting back-to-back, facing their individual tables and holding a conversation while pretending to read the daily paper – Yartar truly was the city of thieves. Henry and Bardownski awaited the cover of night before they rounded to the back of the compound and pried the metal fence open. Once inside a side entrance was in view. One of the guards from the front began his patrol around the premises. Del communicated this information to Bardownski who at once went inside while Henry hid in some nearby crates.

For the most part, the keep was silent. Bardownski heard some murmuring from the kitchen area so he sleuthed off in the opposite direction. He opened a door at the end of the hall and was greeted by the sounds of two dozen sleeping soldiers. Not wanting to disturb their peaceful slumber, he quickly scrambled away and crept down to the lower level where he discovered various cells. Fortunately, the prison guard was also asleep has it had appeared he had one too many drinks by the number of tankards around him. Bardownski freed an old man who had purported to have been imprisoned, despite not doing anything wrong. Too afraid of the repercussions for leaving his cell, the old man stayed in the cell. One cell over, Harthal lay sleeping. Bardownski prodded him awake and asked where the great sword was. In exchange for his freedom, Harthal revealed that the sword had been taken by the lord commander of the keep. Bardownski and Harthal crept up to the commander’s quarters, picked the lock and silently searched for the sword from under the sleeping commander’s nose. However, no travel of the sword could be found and Bardownski could hear a commotion downstairs. The two quickly left the keep as more guards had been awoken by the panicked yelling of a lookout. Bardownski, Henry, and Harthal ran back out of the hold they had previously made in the fence and reconvened with Del. Through the eyes of his familiar, he saw several guards pouring out of the keep and take notice of the destroyed fence. They were on full alert and sent patrols out in the nearby street to catch would-be thieves.

Thinking quickly, Bardownski knocked Harthal out in an alley and hailed the attention of a passing soldier and led him to the passed out Harthal who he had convinced the guard that he was the escaped criminal he was looking for. After losing the heat of the guards the group was confused as to why they could not find what they were looking for. Del used his Rod of Vonindod to locate the object once more, but now the rod pointed back to the safe house. The group travelled back and Kolbaz had the great sword of Giant Slaying laying on the kitchen table, awaiting the return of the heroes. He told the Gay Companions that it was a difficult endeavour but Harper agents managed to retrieve the sword a few hours ago – while the group was still scouting the perimeter of the precinct. Now, Del had the power to strike down even the mightiest of giants with a single blow.

Over the next few days, the group travelled back to the Evermoors to further investigate the flying castle they had seen the previous month. After easily defeating a band of trolls, they had stumbled across an old broken-down tower. Deep, low singing could be heard from within. A boulder blocked the front entrance, but the roof provided a passage into the tower. Del flew his familiar inside where he spotted female Hill Giant sitting in solitude and weeping. Seeing the owl, she attempted to grab it as she excitedly yelled, “food!”. Cautiously, Del initiated a conversation and learned that the giant’s name was Moog. She had been exiled from her home as Chief Guh had grown to such an immense size and stole everyone’s husband to keep for herself and do her bidding. Moog wanted nothing more than to reunite with her husband Hruk. The group offered to help her get Hruk back if she would take them to her home, Grudd Haug. The simple-minded Hill giant agreed and so the party spent the next tenday travelling south along the Iceshield Lands. They passed many ravaged homesteads and farms. Each pillaged for all their crops and chattel. As they came closer and closer to Grudd Haug, the devastation grew worse with each mile. Finally, the group saw the compound sitting on the bank of a lake between two rocky outcroppings, inhibiting the water flow to the south, resembling something of a beaver a dam. Moog took them to the front door, where the group planned their next plan of attack.





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