The Moon-Crested Tower

The next day the heroes set off to Zymorven Hall. The trip would take them through Everlund but not before they stopped for a rest at Olostin’s Hold. There, they feasted on a delightful meal of baked pheasant with rosemary and lemon and washed it down with a refreshing honey-brewed ale at the Flaming Flagon. Afterwards, they rested their weary heads at the Burning Troll for the night. Bardownski, having had extensive experience in operating and maintaining various business ventures in the past, thought of a way to convert the dilapidated village of Noannar’s Hold into a once-again thriving destination for hunter’s and travellers from all across the Sword Coast. He penned a letter, and Del’s familiar flew at once to deliver the message to Amrath. Soon, Noannar’s Hold would become a flourishing town; providing the best hunting accommodations and homesteads to settle within a pristine countryside by the High Forest for settlers looking to escape the troubles of the Savage Frontier or otherwise escape the mundaneness of their daily lives.

The journey to Everlund was gruelling, as the rains had been relentless and the winds ever more punishing. It seemed as if the heroes were destined to perpetually travel in unfavourable conditions. Nevertheless, they had eventually arrived at the beautiful trading city of Everlund located at the crossroads of the Evermoor Way and Rauvin Road. After briefly scouting the city, the heroes visited the temples of Helm, Mielikki, and Corellon, in an attempt to locate some spell scrolls for Henry to use. After a few hours he found one, but unfortunately he had already learned the Comprehend Languages spell.

Next, they went to Danivar’s House to speak with its Half-Orc proprietor, Dral. Dral insisted the group turn in their letter from Tamalin, but they were either too unwilling or distrustful of the one-eyed Half-Orc to do so. Dral told them they truly wanted him to fulfil their request of meeting with an influential member of the Zoar family, they must hand over their letter. After a few scathing words from both parties, the adventurers decided to let it go for another time and left the establishment. Next, the heroes decided to take a closer loo

Next, the heroes decided to take a closer look at the Moon-Crested tower overlooking the city. The tower had four pristine stone columns rising high above the ground, and a waterless moat surrounding it. Directly across the moat from the adventurers, a doorway led inside the building but no path led to it. Taking a leap of faith, Del began to walk across the moat and stone blocks rose from the ground to meet his feet, offering a safe and sound pathway to the door. The heroes learned this tower was the base of operations for Harpers agents in the Sword Coast. They were greeted by the Moonlord Daviana who informed them that their talents could be utilised by the powerful wizard, Krowen Valharrow. They climbed up to the highest room in the magical tower and there they had a conversation with Krowen.

Del and Bardownski agreed to join the Harpers and as such, Krowen had provided each with symbol of the organisation to distinguish themselves to other Harper agents. He also gave Bardownski a small harp to begin practising his string instrument skills. When asked why he would not accompany the heroes, he informed Del and Bardownski that he was seriously injured in battle with another wizard named Acererak. Acererak had been tormenting the north with a legion of undead soldiers and everything in its path was laid to waste. Krowen managed to best the wizard but not without sustaining terrible injuries himself. For this reason, he told Henry to manage his skeleton army and if he were to lay waste to innocent lives himself, he would be hunted and killed. The heroes then continued their journey north to Zymorven Hall.

Along the way, they had passed by many ruined towns and homesteads, which lay in waste due to recent Silver Marches War. The heroes stopped in the beautiful elven city of Silverymoon. Its trees and gardens planted in harmony with the buildings, whose architecture were as awe inspiring as nature itself. They visited its grand library where they learned much of the history of Giantkind and about each of the giant races. Apparently, the Sword Coast was once home to magnificent Giant empire named Ostoria. For centuries, the empire had thrived, but continuous war with the dragons had eventually destroyed the giant society out of attrition. They had also learned that Giantkind was organised by a type of caste system, imposed upon by their god, Annam the All-Father. The caste system provided order for the Giants and they were organised by their relative strength; Storm Giants sitting atop the hierarchy and Hill Giants at the bottom.

After days of travel, the heroes finally arrived at Zymorven Hall and were ready to claim the Greatsword of Giant Slaying. Perched atop a crag overlooking the Rauvin road, the keep offered a clear view of the Evermoors to the south and the Moonwood to the north. They were happily greeted by the former adventurer Lord Harthos. The heroes shared their tales of valour in Triboar and told them how Urgala fought valiantly against the Magmins. Despite the parties’ friendly conversations, Harthos could not give them the sword, as his son, Harthal, had stolen it and ran off to Yartar with his ‘no-good’ wife. Dejected by the news, the Gay Companions began their journey back south towards Yartar, in hopes of tracking down Harthal and retrieving the invaluable sword.

The group was ambushed by small group Uthgardt Barbarians somwhere along the Rauvin Road, but they made quick work of the savages as they could not fight against the combined strength of the powerful Gay Companions. When they had arrived back in Everlund, Del sparked a brief conversation with a guard who told him that Everlund was once a member of the Lords’ Alliance but after their failings to assist Everlund’s sister city to the east, Sundabar, during the Silver Marches War, the town had left the compact as an expression of disdain and disapproval. Hopeful to receive more help on their journey, they adventurers went back to visit Krowen. Krowen told the group that could make use of the Harpers inner-circles teleportation system in the Sword Coast. Anyone who stepped inside the runic inscriptions would fast travel to one of five Harper safe houses in the Savage Frontier. Both Del and Bardownski had no issues using the teleportation circles but Krowen warned Henry that he came to regret allowing him entry in the tower and never wished to see him again as he could not support a necromancer even if they had a mutual desire to stop the Giant menace. The three adventurers teleported to Yartar where they arrived in a conspicuously hidden garden where the old weeds and plants were magically concealed by illusions of newer ones. The heroes were allowed to rest

The three adventurers teleported to Yartar where they arrived in a conspicuously hidden garden whose old weeds and plants were magically concealed by illusions of newer ones. The heroes were allowed to rest there by the terse Dwarven groundskeeper, Kolbaz. Kolbaz asked the heroes what business they had in Yartar, and they informed him of how they wished to find the greatsword of Giant Slaying. With that information, Kolbaz set off at once to see what he could do for the heroes.





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