March in the Marsh

Over the new week, the group began to settle into their new abode. Del had transformed one of the towers into a warrior’s heaven, fully equipped with the cutting edge weaponry and scripts to practice his arcane invocations. Bardownski found a nice spot to practice playing his various pan flutes. Henry had claimed the basement so as to practice controlling his ever-growing army of undead in solitude, and Saitama had started researching how best to fix a quantum fluxulator in the hopes that she may use the piece to power a time portal back to NeoTokyo. Unfortunately, she botched her assembly in the piece and accidentally phased herself out of the space-time continuum.

The remaining members of the Gay Companions travelled back to Calling Horns to learn more the Troll and Ogre raids in the surrounding homesteads of the Evermoors. The town’s found and Lord Commander, Tamalin Zoar, informed the heroes that not a few nights ago, two trolls were caught breaking into a barn in town where they began to feast on livestock. Such a raid was a common occurrence and she offered her influence to the group if they manage to resolve the issue for her. Not one to shy away from a quest, Del enthusiastically agrees.

The group set forth into the Evermoor marshlands. The terrain was caked with mud, and the recent storms had significantly impeded the group’s travels. The journey was long and arduous but after days of searching, the adventurers came across a Fire Giant scolding his Troll minions in a fog-covered bog. Hiding behind a rock, Henry listened to the giant’s words.

“Where is my food?”, said the giant.

“We were so close, but the guards, they–” guttered the troll.


“Please forgive me Zaastrid, I will do as you say, just give me one more chance”, pleaded the troll.

Just then, Del crept out from the groups hiding spot and used his telekinetic powers to lure the troll behind the large rock edifice he was hiding behind. The troll fell right into his trap, and was ambushed by the adventurers. Zaastrid had heard the troll’s screams for help and quickly ran over to see what the commotion was about. He too was caught off guard by a barrage of arrows, loosed by Henry’s skeleton army. The group made quick work of their foes and took the giant’s head as a prize. They fashioned a sleigh out of the fire giant’s black breasplate and slowly dragged it back to Noannar’s Hold, but not before telling Tamalin Zoard of their good deeds. Satisfied with their performance, she gave the group a letter of recommendation, which could be used to call in a favour at Danivarr’s House in Everlund, where her family has significant influence. Content with their reward, the group furnished their keep with the skull of the fire giant and continued to assist Amrath converting Noannar’s Hold into a respectable establishment.



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