The Hunt Lords

The group reconvened the next day. Astonished with Saitama’s behaviour, Bardownski, Del, and Henry became wary of their companion’s potentially reckless behaviour. The journey west to Noannar’s hold was an arduous one. The wind had been relentlessly blowing against the heroes, slowing their journey by half. On top of that, the group had been having a difficult time managing their water supply.

A band of thugs had halted the groups’ travels. Their leader demanded a payment of gold in exchange for safe passage along the Evermoor Way. Unwilling to part with a single gold coin the group battled the mounted bandits. Henry and Saitama climbed a small escarpment to the south of them. From his vantage point, Saitama was able to fire kinetic bolts of plasma rifle ammunition upon the vulnerable bandits while his robotic sabre tooth tiger attacked the fearful horses. One by one their various appendages turned into pink mist. Henry, utilised his undead minions to claw and bite at the thugs. Eventually, one of his minions was even able to steal one of the riding horses and ride forward into the fray of battle. Bardownski notched arrow after arrow and expertly shot them into the heads and hearts of the bandits. Del, protected by his heavy plate armour, fearlessly ran forward into the middle of the bandits and defeated the group with ease. Seeing his gang fall to the might of the adventurers, the leader attempted to run away but was quickly captured and given a choice. Either die or escort the group to Noannar’s Hold. Reluctantly, Jonesy agreed to follow the heroes.

Not far from the scene of the battle, the beautiful cottage town of Calling Horns offered refuge and a chance for the heroes to replenish their supplies. Here the group had learned that all was not well in areas south of the Evermoors. Giants, trolls, and ogres had emerged out of the marshlands and had begun raiding local homesteads and villages for food – a problem to be dealt with in the near future by the Gay Companions.

Eventually, the group arrived at Noannar’s Hold. The village inn lay in the shadows of the Hunt Lords’ keep which loomed overhead atop a rocky crag, surrounded by thick, dark trees on all sides. The villagers all feared leaving the wretched homes behind, for they believed the Hunt Lord’s would hunt them down and kill them as punishment. The village once prospered, as nobles from all across the realm came to hunt the abundant game in the beautiful nearby forest. But the Hunt Lord’s made a pact with Orcus, and in exchange for their eternal service, they were granted immortality – a gift which would see them live forth as wights, dedicated to nothing but hunting nobles and hunters for sport. As such, people stopped coming, and the village fell on hard times.

The decrepit hold’s tower had collapsed. Del had sent his owl familiar inside to scout ahead. Inside the dark, cobwebbed filled hold, his familiar found the Hunt Lords gathered around an old dusty dining table, reminiscing of times gone past. The group approached the front door and were greeted by the Hold’s castellan, Amrath. Amrath urged the group to give the harnesses and be on with their way as promptly as possible, but Saitama’s curiosity pushed her forward into the hold. She stealthily crept up on the Hunt Lords, but when she whistled for the groups’ attention, she also garnered the curiosity of the Hunt Lord’s.

The group fought the Hunt Lords in the cramped, ill-lit keep, but even the undead are no match for the might of the Gay Companions. As quickly as they came, they dispatched the keep of its occupants, except for the obedient dwarf castellan. Amrath agreed to allow the group to occupy the keep in exchange for his life, and went as far as to even serve the group and begin restoring and furnishing the keep to their specifications.


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