Small Awakenings and Prehensile Appendages

Triboar was hurt, but not defeated. The hardworking villagers immeditaely set out to repair their buildings, nurse the wounded, and bury the dead. Just as the group was finishing recovering from battle, Saitama and all her other-worldly weaponry had begun to slowly fade from vision. Her body grew more and more translucent until nothing remained. No trace of her existence was left behind. A fluctuation in the space-time continuum. Del and Bardownski watched in bewilderment as their newly met friend disappeared before their very eyes.

An old Gnome wakes up near the outskirts of Triboar. He is confused. He is lost. He cannot recall any memories of his past life prior to awakening. Laying beside him is his spellbook. It is a tome of black gnarled leather and crinkled pages of mad scribbling and arcane notes. The gnome flips through it. Page after page is filled with spells of necromancy. Although highly looked down upon, the Gnome is oddly content that he possesses the knowledge to animate the dead. He also finds a name. Henry.

Unable to remember his life prior to waking up, Henry stumbled into town looking for answers. There he met Del and Bardownski and believed they would be able to help him reclaim his memory. What journeys lie in front of Henry? Will he discover himself once more or will he arrive where he started, only to know the place for the first time? All Henry knows for sure, is that he will stop at nothing in order to find out – even if it means burning down the world.

Del, Bardownski, and Henry met with several of the villagers to gather clues as to where the giant threat came from and how they might go about stopping it. The owner of the Lion’s Share, Narth Tezrin, could not provide those answers but he did offer to pay the adventurers if they were to make a delivery on his behalf to the castellan of Noannar’s hold, just off the Evermoor way. An opportunity to build their reputation as brave adventurers could not be missed by the trio.

The ex-adventurer, Urgala Meltimer had suffered third-degree burns during the battle. Most of her house was destroyed and her three loyal mastiffs were killed. She more than anyone had reason to kill the Giants. However, her injuries were grievous and she could travel no further than the boundries of her bed. She disclosed to the adventurers, if they were to go to Zymorven Hall and parlay with Harthos Zymorven, an old travel companion of hers, he would bequeath upon them a greatsword called Giant Slayer to aid them on their quest.

The group was ready to continue their journey after running a few more errands for Amrath and solving a missing persons case. Del had to woo and kiss the shut-in innkeeper of the Six Windows, Tolmara Hysstryn. She had poisoned her husband and hid his bones in the closet of her bedroom, where it was discovered by Bardownski along with a book on poison making. Fascinated with the skeleton, Henry cast his first animate dead spell on it and began to grow his undead army. Just as they were about to leave town, the purple haired Saitama phased back into existence, uncertain of what had transpired over the last few days.

The journey to Noannar’s Hold would require the heroes to travel east through to the city of Yartar. Upon arriving in the city, Saitama set out to interrogate locals about the Giant attack. She made her way to first tavern she could find and questioned the innkeeper in a most hostile manner. As she walked in, everyone in the bar marvelled at her skin-tight leather outfit and wondrous technologies. Unfortunately for the innkeeper, Saitama’s gun had misfired in an attempt to intimidate him and he ended up with one less head than he had before meeting Saitama. The patrons were either too stunned or aroused to move out of their seats.

The rest of the group immediately set out to have a pleasant stay at the Horse and Four inn. Here, they discovered that several of the guests were a part of the Hand of Yartar, an all female thieves’ guild. Their meal was interrupted by two women bursting into the inn, carrying between them an injured compatriot. Del tried to stabilise her but she had succumbed to her wounds. The group discovered she was injured in an attempt to break into a nobleman’s palace. His name is Khaspere Drylund.

Her restless nature prevented Saitama from getting a full night’s rest, so she decided to do some exploring. As she walked through the slums of Yartar, Saitama spotted several posters discussing a soon-to-be-held election between the Waterbaron, Nestra Ruthiol, and Khaspere Drylund. In a bid to gather more information Saitama decided to infiltrate the Waterbaron’s palace. Her attempt was foiled by the presence of guards but nonetheless, she was determined to make her way inside. She went into a nearby alley to formulate a plan of entry. There, a hand grabbed her shoulder. When she turned around, a well-dressed man offered to take Saitama to a splendid barge party in the port. Not wanting to miss out on any sort of fun, Saitama enthusiastically agreed to go. The stranger brought her to a scene of wondrous festivities. Dancing and singing filled the air. Food and wine were plenty. Minstrels, bards, casinos, and fire dancers provided abundant entertainment. Saitama was having a ball. The stranger told Saitama, “All this and more can be yours if you vote for Khaspere”. Saitama shouted, “Of course I’ll vote for him this is amazing!”. The stranger then disappeared off the barge and back into the dark streets of Yartar.

Saitama danced the night away and captivated the eyes of the revellers. She swayed and gyrated in hypnotic motions but most of all the party-goers were fascinated with her prehensile breasts, dancing to a rhythm of their own. A tanned Dwarf, Gracklphuck, approached Saitama and offered her a thousand gold pieces to sleep with him. Seeing his slick back hair, gold chain, and ample chest hair, Saitama joyously took the Dwarf up on his offer. Upon having a mediocre night of lovemaking, Gracklphuk extended an invitation to Saitama. If she ever felt like making more money, she should visit him at his rug store in Mirabar. Just as fast as it started, it had ended. Saitama was left alone in her bedroom and although she was upset at the uncertainty of her planet’s future, she was happy to have lived a full and wondrous day.


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