Trouble in Triboar: Big Beginnings

In 2531 CE, Earth is on the brink of annihilation. The oligarchical shadow cabal, The Red Faction, has infiltrated the highest orders of the United Earth Government and established complete totalitarian control over most of the global populace. Now they’ve unleashed a monstrous creature to smash the remaining rebel states into submission. Rather than giving into an eternity of cruel subjugation, the rebel nations have decided to initiate an international thermonuclear war, ensuring the end of all life on Earth.

In NeoTokyo, the Senchineru Offensive, a black operations cell, have deployed their top agent on a suicide mission to retrieve a codex containing every UEG military passcode from their highly fortified, experimental technology and securities base. With it, they can disable the entire UEG army and bring an end to its tyrannical reign. Managing to enter the heart of the complex, Saitama successfully established an uplink and retrieved the codex but could not outrun the security personnel. Faced with certain death, she took refuge in a time-pass laboratory. With no way out, she decided to use the untested technology, hoping to find a way to return to her timeline later and save the world from destroying itself.

Bardownski Seastrider, has spent most of his life on the tumultuous waters of the Sea of Swords. He has always been an honest Tethyrian, working for his pay – but some jobs are better done in the dark. Whether it be delivering fruits for Neverwinter merchants or black market weapons for the crime lords of Xanathar’s Thieves’ Guild, there is no job too simple or dangerous. As a result, he has built a relationship with the Black Network to provide him with steady work. On one such occasion, Bardownski was told there was gold to be made in the small town of Triboar in the Dessarin Valley. There, he was to go to Triboar Travellers and meet with Urlam Stockspool, a recruiter for the Zhentarim, to fulfil whatever task was given to him in exchange for a handsome reward.

The Sun Elf, Del Murrkin, had joined the Westbridge militia and quickly rose to the rank of officer. One day, Del was ordered to patrol the surrounding farms and homesteads. His company was ambushed by a tribe of Orcs. All were slaughtered except him. Upon returning home, Del was jeered and insulted for failing to repel an attack from ‘lowly’ orcs. As such, he seeks to reclaim his reputation as a sell-sword. He left his home, offering protection to a small family of farmers as they travelled along the Long Road to Triboar. When he finally arrived, he was given a small sum for his work but Del was eager to get on with more work. After questioning a few of the locals, he was told to look for work at Triboar Travellers, as Urlam is constantly hiring experienced fighters and selling protection to travellers in the Dessarin Valley for a fair price.

On his way to Urlam, Del spotted a fish-out-of-water fellow headed in the same direction. Bardownski did not particularly blend in with the locals, as his nautical attire made him stick out like a sore thumb. However, his peculiar look did not stop Del from approaching him – Del knows a fellow adventurer when he sees one. The two talked with one another and decided that they were more likely to obtain fame and riches by working together. Just then, within the the caravan campground, a shimmering blue light had manifested itself beside the two heroes. It coalesced and after a bright flash, Saitama had appeared before them. Impressed with the display, Del and Bardownski had promised to help Saitama return home.

The three adventurers eventually spoke with Urlam and were given a task to obtain any secrets possessed by the town harness-maker, Othovir. Othovir, was not as compliant as the adventurers had initially hoped and so Bardownski had to resort to using threats and violence to coerce the harness-maker into spilling his secrets. Othovir had disclosed his blood-ties to the noble House Margaster in Waterdeep – unfortunately, he had been abused by the house patriarch as a young adult and severed all ties with them years ago. Just then chaos had erupted in the town.

The alarm bell could be heard ringing from the guard tower in the centre of town. It was accompanied by the screams of women and children. Heavy boulders rained down from above, crushing any building or misfortunate soul who was unlucky enough to be caught underneath. Orogs and Orcs riding Axebeaks stormed the town, striking down and running over defenceless villagers. In their wake, Magmins set fire to any and all buildings they clambered atop. And just behind them, two fire giants slowly made their way to the northern caravan campground, guided by pronged black adamantine rods. The heroes fought valiantly to fight off the attack, but their best effort was not enough to save everyone in town. Othovir was run down but not without taking with him the lives of three orcs. Even the Lord Protector, Darathra Shendrel fell as she bested two vicious Orogs, saving a score of cornered villagers.

Unfortunately for the heroes, their combined forces were only enough to slow the attack, not stop it entirely. Upon reaching the campground, one fire giant used his greatsword to dig deep into the hard soil as the other hurled rocks and debris at the heroes. After a minute, she pulled from the red soil, a large ‘C’ shaped object and under protection from her companion, retreated back into the hills. The heroes were defeated, Triboar, doubly so. Much of the northern portion of the town was ruined. Del, Bardownski, and Saitama were ashamed of themselves but nonetheless, resolute to exact revenge upon the Giant menace.


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