Hanging by a Thread

After recovering from the devastating explosion, the heroes find themselves clinging on to various bits of floating wreckage. Conveniently, Saitama and Mr Squiggles reappear from the transdimensional rift right beside their friends. At that moment, Henry notices ripples swiftly moving across the water. Three tentacle-covered humanoids jump out of the water and begin to attack … More Hanging by a Thread

The Battlefield

Every Dungeon Master has asked themselves the following question, “what’s the best way to run my battles?”. For some, the answer is quite simple. Just have everyone collectively imagine the encounter in their heads and when a question about distance, spacing, or the environment comes up, the DM will promptly relay that information. For others, … More The Battlefield

Without a Paddle

The group decided to further investigate where the mysterious wooden coin might have come from. Bardownski recalled Serissa telling him that it was found near the location where her father, King Hekaton, was seen. Believing it to be a gambling chip of sorts, they decided it might be best to first investigate Yartar, as there … More Without a Paddle

Henry’s Time Off

Henry had been thinking about the mechanical hand ever since he saw it. It was the first piece of the giant robot he had seen and just looking at it stirred something inside of him. “It makes perfect sense,” he thought to himself. When one gear turned, the rest followed in perfect unison. And there … More Henry’s Time Off