Under the Sea

Bardownski had found himself in a large room made out of coral. Luminescent algae provided an ambient glow which bathed the room in greenish purple light. From the stairs in front, he heard music and singing coming from up top. He went invisible and decided to investigate. Up top, he saw two beautiful storm giant … More Under the Sea

The Usual Suspects

Kolbaz had gone off for a few hours while the group rested up in the ram shack safe house. When he returned, the grumpy dwarf told the group that Harthal had been arrested for attempted murder and was currently locked up in a near by precinct. The group had concluded, that if Harthal was in … More The Usual Suspects

March in the Marsh

Over the new week, the group began to settle into their new abode. Del had transformed one of the towers into a warrior’s heaven, fully equipped with the cutting edge weaponry and scripts to practice his arcane invocations. Bardownski found a nice spot to practice playing his various pan flutes. Henry had claimed the basement … More March in the Marsh

The Hunt Lords

The group reconvened the next day. Astonished with Saitama’s behaviour, Bardownski, Del, and Henry became wary of their companion’s potentially reckless behaviour. The journey west to Noannar’s hold was an arduous one. The wind had been relentlessly blowing against the heroes, slowing their journey by half. On top of that, the group had been having … More The Hunt Lords

Small Awakenings and Prehensile Appendages

Triboar was hurt, but not defeated. The hardworking villagers immeditaely set out to repair their buildings, nurse the wounded, and bury the dead. Just as the group was finishing recovering from battle, Saitama and all her other-worldly weaponry had begun to slowly fade from vision. Her body grew more and more translucent until nothing remained. No … More Small Awakenings and Prehensile Appendages

Trouble in Triboar: Big Beginnings

In 2531 CE, Earth is on the brink of annihilation. The oligarchical shadow cabal, The Red Faction, has infiltrated the highest orders of the United Earth Government and established complete totalitarian control over most of the global populace. Now they’ve unleashed a monstrous creature to smash the remaining rebel states into submission. Rather than giving … More Trouble in Triboar: Big Beginnings

Balancing Mechanics and Story: A Sensitive Endeavour

As a Dungeon Master, your job is to first and foremost ensure that all of your players are having fun. Unfortunately, as any experienced Dungeon Master can attest to, this is almost always easier said than done. One of the first things I tell people who have never played Dungeons & Dragons, if you want … More Balancing Mechanics and Story: A Sensitive Endeavour